Flash Back
Fight Forward

A collection of stories
from the
F News archives
about resistance, resilience,
and celebration in the LGBTQ+ community.

Beyond Boundaries

The 1987 photo mural that made building management uncomfortable. For your viewing pleasure.

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Androgyne Dilemmas

SAIC currently has 20 gender neutral restrooms scattered across its campus, largely due to student agitation and activation.

Strap on Gurls and Pussy Boys Present: Susan Stryker

Historian, activist, and artist Susan Stryker on the anarchy of bodies and the queer Midwest.

Short, Chain-Smoking,
& Funny as Hell

In which SAIC alumnus David Sedaris can't talk about his boyfriend on NPR.

Lethal Lesbians

Film critic B. Ruby Rich confronts Hollywood, and talks to F News about it.

Strike a Pose

Zephyr Pfotenhauer and Solomon Infiniti bring the house ball to SAIC.

Prop 8 Protests

Reacting to the quiet addition of 14 words to the California Constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

The Media in Transition

Watching the media skip, trip, and tip-toe its way into talking about trans identity.

The Right to Use My Own Name

H. Melt gets activated by SAIC's harmful treatment of trans students. And yes, a lawyer gets involved.

That Time I was A White Guy on Grindr by Ryan Blocker

The comic's author runs a dating app experiment, and finds some unsettling results.

Bigger than Boystown: Activists Push for More Community Space

The writer considers the importance of expanding community in the wake of the Pulse nightclub attack.

Trans Liberation Protest Takes to the Streets

Chicago marches to express its rage and resistance over treatment of trans people.

Take Pride in AIDS Quilt History and View Panels This Week at Navy Pier

Tracking the AIDS Memorial Quilt — or "The Quilt" — from San Francisco to Navy Pier.

A Letter From F News

Dear reader,

Today collective support for LGBTQ rights is visible. People who lived through eras of fear and oppression are astonished by the positive structural changes spurred by political support, community dialogues, expanding recognition, and parades. 

Yet these celebrations are still charged. At SAIC, faculty conduct continues to capture student discontent. Some queer students have organized a list to protect themselves against faculty who make no effort to use correct pronouns or who deadname their students. Across the United States, legislation, court cases seek, and “culture wars” work together to stymie the flourishing of minorities. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many are looking upon issues of identity and autonomy with renewed urgency. 

Art school may feel like a bubble in which expression and acceptance are a matter of course, but we have to remember that it took student agitation for improvements such as gender neutral bathrooms and ID cards without deadnames. Keep agitating. Pride continues to be an act of resistance. 

In this special flashback, F Newsmagazine fights forward by offering snippets of the journey so far. In both celebration and continued resistance, we have curated a selection of pieces from our archives that we hope will inspire, hearten, and illustrate what’s at stake.


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