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November 2020

Giving From the Ground Up

In these times of crisis, mutual aid seems to have a deeper reach than institutional systems by Angelica Ong

White Guilt On Display, Instead of Philip Guston

Overpoliticking at four major art museums results in the postponement of a retrospective by Amélie Pascutto

Class of COVID: SAIC First-Years Struggling in a Lonelier College Landscape

New students enrolled expecting the classic college experience — instead, they've got isolation and Zoom fatigue by EJ Kok

The Ivory Gavel:
Putting RBG In Context

For heroism in the court room, look further than Ruth Bader Ginsburg
by J. Livy Li

When Preservation Meets Gentrification

The Pilsen Landmark Ordinance and the threat of culture as capital
by Olivia Canny

336 Hours Indoors

The latest installment of Pandemic: A Collection, a prose poem by L Gengler

The Aquabats: "Kooky Spooky... In Stereo!"

A comics review by Teddie Bernard

Pan[dem]ic Rooms: A Photo Essay

With classes moving online, SAIC's dynamic campus stands lonely and empty by Ryan Shultis

She Did What?! A Deeper Look at Jessica Krug and Her Medium Blog Post

Once esteemed professor, outs herself as "transracial" in a Medium blog post. What does this mean? By Zephanie Battle

Black Reparations and American Imperialism in "Da 5 Bloods"

Spike Lee's film pulls no punches, collaging current American issues into a vivid tapestry by Ben Kim Paplham


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