the Vixen

POETRY by Lilly Singer BFAW '24

She sat upon her throne
surrounded by gold, silver, and gems.
Servants bowed
and peasants feared
who she would pick each day to condemn.

Her eyes were sharp
but not sharper than her blades.
They gave birth
to rivers of blood
and divine red cabernet.

Her rubies shone like stars
and her dress was made of flames.
You would earn
a certain death
if caught up in her gaze.

Lips the color of cherries
after they ooze their juice.
or like strawberries
or a crisp apple
or a deep purpling bruise.

To think she has a sister
living out on the dismal streets.
and cast out
each day for her ends in defeat.

The sister scavenges like the rest
but slowly planned for revenge.
She did not know
if what she did
would be enough to make amends

She armed herself with courage,
liquid fire, and a swift claw.
As she killed the queen
she looked like a fox.
licking the blood off from her maw.

Her hair a mane of tangles,
she thought of her sister's love.
What the queen did for power
for wealth
and what she did for blood.