texts with the girl i slept with after we watched a lesbian episode of black mirror

POETRY by Jade Perry BFAW '23


borderlines are more fun
i don’t know what i was thinking, this is ruining me
sugar lights up the same spot in your brain as heroin, i think i want to draw a cartoon pigeon face and get it tatted
i did a strip tease to ice ice baby
sometimes the dark is freaky  
is there a way for us to do things in a non-disassociated way? i was about to ask if i’m your phantom limb
i’m laying where you puked, i feel so connected to you  


we can’t be friends anymore
you’re my lamb


i know you hate me and you don't have to reply  
i wanted to let you know i was married to diamond
she died on wednesday  
you deserve happiness and love
you robbed me of my purity
spandau ballet always helps
nothing you said annoyed me at all
very very very fucked up i’m sorry i did that to you
you’re the strongest person i know
it was always you


first of all, you’re precious
everything feels like 2017
concussion baby
i was walking to starbucks and told my girlfriend all about you  we would’ve already threesomed if i was there
we love to suffer
my eyes watered but i didn’t let the tears fall
everyday is a constant reminder of how i have no sense of self hope you’re doing okay despite the world heading toward its end i miss you
i miss you  
i miss you
i’m glad you said it first


happy birthday
i just always think of you around this time of year
thanksgiving and coquito
i hope your day gets lovelier by the minute
when diamond died you’re the one person i wanted to share it with should i assume you don’t want to be in each other’s lives currently confused by this conversation


i know you probably won’t respond
thank you for contributing to my life
i hope you have a beautiful life
and that you can listen to spandau ballet whenever you want