F Newsmagazine
October 2020
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The Cut:
Inside the July Layoffs at SAIC

Budget cuts may have saved the school from financial crisis, but deepened distrust of the administration.
By Leo Smith

Slow Descent: The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

How colonial influence and civil war left Cameroon divided
By Elisabeth Burkhalter Lloyd

I'm Thinking of Ending
Straight White Masculine Things

Charlie Kaufman’s message to an uncertain American future
By Ben Kim Paplham

Getting Out the Vote,
While Staying In

In this year's critical election, voting rights organizations face steeper challenges than ever.
By Olivia Canny

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Activism Has No Offseason

How WNBA athletes are using their platform for justice.
By Katherine E.Pitré

Pay Day: Salary Growth and Income Distribution at SAIC

Budgets got slashed this summer. How much of that budget goes to the people at the top?
By Lela Johnson and Leo Smith


The first installment of Pandemic: A Collection, a new series from F's literary section